Cracked collector box

Found this collector box on a 2011 York 95% Furnace leaking water everywhere. What causes this?


  1. York had issues with a lot of their collector boxes that were clear like that. …been installing yorks for about 4 or 5 yrs and changed out several of these. .. the new ones are made with a different plastic and are black. .. make sure when u change it out to remove the orifice from the back of the inducer because the new collector box has the orifice built in and it will whistle if u don’t

  2. recalled needs to be replaced, all the clear ones crack replacements one are black

  3. Recalled part. And yes they are black now. Call york.

  4. The clear collector box was supposedly one of the “special” features. Lol. The new ones are black. I’ve replaced a good bit of these that were leaking. No real damage done to the upflows, but it caused some damage on the downflow units. The water leaks on the flame sensor, burners, and ingnitor.

  5. Is anything made quality anymore? They can stick efficiency where the sun doesn’t shine. Give us standing pilot back

  6. They had a recall on them I believe. Great way to ruin a furnace

  7. York has had a lot of problems with there YP9 and PC9 it all has to do with the wrong stainless was used and the condensate drains out of the secondary exchanger they clog all to often. Some times two or three times in one heating seasons.

  8. reversed polarity causes corrosion…..

  9. Acid ? Maybe shouldn’t be metal ! Assuming black ones are plastic.

  10. brad says:

    Exact same thing happened to me.

  11. jm says:

    I need to find the same part but I’m haveing trouble finding it’
    luckily its only a tiny crack but if I don’t change it soon the flood gate will open up soon for sure

  12. Art Thomas says:

    where do you find this part? Mine is cracked and leaking water into the flame area