Quick Guide to Customizing Your Forum Posts

  • December 8, 2013 at 7:10 am #8862

    Forum posts allow for more customization than anything else. Really it’s called formatting. Ok, so here’s how it goes.

    There are blue buttons above the message box in the forums that you can use to format your text.

    Makes your text Bold
    When you click on it the first time it creates an open tag <strong> so the part of the text that is bold is inbetween <strong> and </strong>
    Click on the b the second time and it closes it for you. So to use it you’d hit it once, type in the text you want bold, then hit it again.

    Works like the b button, the i makes your text slanted like this

    This one is easy to use, you just click the link button then a pop up window appears, enter the website you want to link to and it’ll do the rest for you.

    This one is for quoting, which looks like this:

    The quick brownfox jumped over something or whatever

    strikes out something you wrote

    puts an image in your post (this is how I got these buttons in here) you can’t upload on forums, but its easy to share images using a website like


    ul and ol are virtually the same thing. I think ol is different format.

    Makes your text look like this.

    Closes any open tags you might have. Stupidly.

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