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STOP wasting your time looking for the “magic solution” in marketing, advertising, or lead-generation.
STOP wasting your money on advertising and marketing to generate more leads that you cannot sell to.
STOP shutting down and missing out on revenue to attend (or even host) sales training seminars!
STOP wasting your time and money traveling to sales training seminars that don’t directly affect your sales revenues!
STOP wasting your money sending your technicians to sales training just to hear, “That won’t work here. We’re different!”
Get Immediate Sales Results LIVE, in the field, with your technicians, in your market, serving your customers.
Eliminate Lame Excuses For Poor Performance!
Increase Buy-In And Compliance. Our best practices will be demonstrated and proven in the field with your technicians!
Learn What REALLY Sells Your Service and increase your sales for life!
Learn The Secrets To Increasing Your Average Sale so you can reap the benefits of your investment for years to come!
Increase Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction. The most satisfied and loyal customer spend the most money.
Increase Referrals. We will teach your technicians how to get your your customers singing you praises and referring their friends and family!
Drive Business Development and Growth. Learn the behaviors and best practices that are key to developing future business and growth.
Define A Process

What are the steps that I should take to maximize my chances of success?

Most people actually want to succeed.
They’re just looking for a roadmap to help them reach their goals.

Our sales coaching service starts by defining a sales process which focuses on the customer experience and is proven to generate more revenue.
(Average sale increase by as much as 25%)

We call it our “IDEAL Service Selling System” and we can teach you,




 Best Practices

Implement and coach on proven industry best practices for customer service and sales.  It’s not just the process itself that matters, it’s also what’s inside the process that matters. We’ve given you the roadmap, now here’s what to do while out on the road. How to prevent and handle customer objections.
How to respond to different types of customers and service calls.
How to make sales without coming across as a “pushy salesperson.”
How to reach your full potential in residential service.



Lead By Example

Not just telling, but actually SHOWING what to do, how to do it, and PROVING why it matters!

This is where the “Rubber Meets The Road” and where we PROVE our talk with real action.

Try getting THAT in a seminar room. Good luck!

We will demonstrate our “IDEAL Service Selling System” process, our best practices and strategies for customer service and sales, and effectively PROVE our methods with REAL results! So you can enjoy these key benefits:
No more excuses!   ​​​​​​​More money in the bank!


Here’s What Others Have To Say About BizPAL Ride Along Sales Coaching:


Samm’s Heating and Air Conditioning

“Patrick Long and BizPAL worked tirelessly with our technicians and company on procedures to improve sales needs on service calls.

He also brought insight into a positive way to communicate with our customers and employees. Patrick is a talented young professional with the real desire to help us improve.

Happy we found a coach who loves what he does and truly cares about his customers. Highly recommend BizPAL.”

Paul Sammataro – Owner
If you would like a reference, call me at (214)-473-8200​​​


JP’s Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling

“I strongly encourage anyone considering Patrick’s coaching services to go ahead with what he’s offering and pay to have him out.

We got an immediate return on our investment on just his first visit and we are continuing to see the value from his services even now.”

If you have any questions about the effects of Patrick’s coaching, I would be happy to speak with you and share my experience.

John Kocot – Owner
If you would like a reference, call me at (203) 559-2980