ClogNever(™) a revolutionary product to prevent clogging of your A/C system



ClogNever(™) is America’s Most Trusted name in Clog prevention It is a green technology electronic device that works without Human intervantion and uses an Eco-friendly solution to prevent clogging, preserve wild life and fragile Nature from the damages caused by common harmful measures such as bleach & other chemicals

No more water damage

It minimizes risk of costly water damage not covered by your insurance. It eliminates risk of water losses.

No Human intervention

Once the electronic device installed It will automaticly release It’s liquid into the pipes only when needed.

Easy to install

ClogNever(™) electronic device is easy to install and can be used with any type of air conditions you have.

Eco-friendly solution

The solution used to prevent clogging, is 100% biodegradable.

Economic solution

Because the liquid in sent into the pipes only when needed the solution can last over a year whitout having to change it.

Peace of mind

It’s hands-free functionality gets the water to flow in the pipes giving you peace of mind and making costly A/C floods a thing of the past.


“ClogNever(™)” added value

ClogNever(™) product emphasis is to improve fundamental functionality and adds value to the principles of Air Conditioning systems while eliminating clogging. This notion is indeed a common wish for all of us. It is also the ideal virtue inspired by ClogNever(™) mission statement to bring to market the finest products available today. With this eco-friendly design combined with state-of-the-art electronics, ClogNever(™) tailors its products to help insure better performance and long lasting functionality to AC users.



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