The Mini Split Bib Kit is the fastest way to clean ductless mini split coils, fans and more. Mini Split HVAC systems are the fastest growing segment in HVAC installations and cleaning mini splits can be very profitable. In fact, almost a million units are installed annually, and there are millions of units already in service. However, until now, there’s been no easy way to properly clean mini split HVAC systems. It’s been a labor intensive and tedious process. The patented Mini Split Bib® Kit from SpeedClean changes all that. It attaches quickly to mini split systems up to 44″ wide using special brackets. It uses the custom 6 mil plastic bib section to create a barrier against the wall and other surroundings, so that you can clean the coils, fan blades and more with pressurized cleaning systems, like pump sprayers or our CoilJet Portable Coil Cleaning System.

The system is simple to use. Simply slide the brackets in behind the corners of the mini split air handler. Attach the bib and protective wall plates and tighten. Then place the bottom of the bib funnel into the included 5 gallon bucket. All coil cleaner, water and debris is safely funneled into the 5 gallon bucket. No mess, and no fuss.  If you are a contractor, you simply have to have one, or two, in your truck.
* Quick to set up and easy to move from job-to-job.
* For mini split air handlers up to 44” wide.
* Includes 8′ drain line for high mounts.
* Keeps walls and floors safe from water and over spray.

To learn more about SpeedClean’s MiniSplit Bib Kit and all of their products click here  to view their website .