*Lockout Compliance

Lockout Tagout Compliance Failure to follow required lockout tagout procedures can put millions of workers at risk of serious injury each year. Help protect your employees by making lockout tagout requirements a point of emphasis with your crew. Grainger has the safety products, services and resources to help you prevent the accidental startup of your machinery and keep your lockout …


A Brief History of Air Conditioning Inventors who came before Willis Haviland Carrier tinkered with cooling machines. But it was Carrier’s creation that launched the modern idea of air conditioning. To mark the 110th anniversary of his invention, we look back at the long story of a/c. click here to read more POST YOUR COMMENTS BELOW.


*Upselling Sucks

Bad Service I have heard lots of plumbers, hvac techs and electricians complain about their boss telling them to “upsell” clients when they go on a job. In fact, this is probably to number one misconception about great service. Most of the people in the field feel that good service is just taking care of the problem and not “upselling” …


*EPA Warns Again

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is cautioning homeowners, HVAC contractors, and service technicians of the safety hazards related to recharging existing home air conditioning systems with a propane-based refrigerant. Using a propane-based refrigerant in an air conditioner that is not designed to use propane or flammable refrigerants poses a threat to homeowners as well as service technicians, …

*Unlicensed Contractors Arrested

Watch: Unlicensed Contractors Arrested what do you think ! By: Joe Crisara click here to watch video POST YOUR COMMENTS BELOW