Trying to kill me

Can’t be doing this in the attic

Originally posted 2014-02-21 21:23:53.


  1. Jon Clark says:

    That house will burn down one day.

  2. Man thats bad ass nothing like a “do it yourslefer”

  3. 120 to the knee never killed anybody !!
    Thats why DIY is a problem for the professionals

  4. Matt Shuey says:

    Seriously surprised to not see fencing staples holding the twisted ends down to the wood… You know, so they don’t touch each other lol

  5. Justin Work says:

    Knob and tubing lol

  6. Matthew Cain says:

    Wire nuts are so expensive. Plus its a waste to buy them,since they come in a bag of 10,when you only need 3.

  7. now thats some nice work. lucky it didnt start a fire

  8. I ran across the same thing in an attic years ago on a rental house. Covered by blow in insulation. I was kneeling down on to rafters and touched the metal duct work and got lit up.

  9. Paul Richman says:

    Boxes are overrated

  10. Rob Bannon says:

    That will donkey ! What will do!

  11. Rob Bannon says:

    That’ll do donkey ! That’ll do

  12. Dale Diamond says:

    Had that happen once!!
    Customer said the lights blinked and he heard a funny noise from upstairs.
    The noise was coming from me!!!

  13. What the hell is that what I think?

  14. Bill Frisbie says:

    Rob Bannon got auto corrected?… I love the retarded things I text people after correcting.