Trying to kill me

Can’t be doing this in the attic

Originally posted 2014-02-21 21:23:53.


  1. Jon Clark says:

    That house will burn down one day.

  2. Man thats bad ass nothing like a “do it yourslefer”

  3. 120 to the knee never killed anybody !!
    Thats why DIY is a problem for the professionals

  4. Matt Shuey says:

    Seriously surprised to not see fencing staples holding the twisted ends down to the wood… You know, so they don’t touch each other lol

  5. Wire nuts are so expensive. Plus its a waste to buy them,since they come in a bag of 10,when you only need 3.

  6. now thats some nice work. lucky it didnt start a fire

  7. I ran across the same thing in an attic years ago on a rental house. Covered by blow in insulation. I was kneeling down on to rafters and touched the metal duct work and got lit up.

  8. Rob Bannon says:

    That will donkey ! What will do!

  9. Rob Bannon says:

    That’ll do donkey ! That’ll do

  10. Had that happen once!!
    Customer said the lights blinked and he heard a funny noise from upstairs.
    The noise was coming from me!!!

  11. What the hell is that what I think?

  12. Rob Bannon got auto corrected?… I love the retarded things I text people after correcting.