What am I

Can anyone name this unit

Originally posted 2014-02-21 20:26:00.


  1. Battle ship lol? Maybe a King unit?

  2. Yeah those are definitely Strobe air exhausts. Huge direct drives. Theyre tanks.

  3. Doug Poore says:

    Looks like a Phoenix hood system.

  4. Chad Benge says:

    We’ve installed a ton of these the last couple years!

  5. Those look similar to vector exhaust fans that I have.

  6. Tim French says:

    Have a few of these on my Science Building in our high hazard labs great units been bullet proof so far !

  7. Strobic Air exh fans. Great fans, hard to beat for reliability

  8. Strobic exhaust fans. Probably on a lab or hospital building? Usually specified for fume hoods, operatories, some industrial facilities. Great for moving a lot of air quietly.

  9. Strobic fans usually for lab fume hoods…

  10. Mr. Fusion off the time machine

  11. Diffanantly strobic exhaust