May 2017

*410-A shortage


What You Need to Know About the R410a Shortage

You may have noticed that the price of R410a has recently increased, and you are probably wondering why. We are here to explain, but first, understand that the R410a price increase is an industry-wide issue. As you know, at CE we are always looking out for our customers, and as soon as we can lower the price of R410a, you can be assured that we will.

What Is Causing the R410a Price Increase?

So why did the price of R410a change so dramatically? It comes down to two main reasons:

  • There is a worldwide R410a shortage.China is experiencing a temporary shortage of of components that make up R410a. This is resulting in a refrigerant shortage and price increases. This shortage is compounded by demand increase during the summer months, and it is affecting both after-market and OEM suppliers.”
  • There is a new tax on R410a. Last June, the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission implemented a new tax on key refrigerant blends that are imported from China—and yes, R410a is affected. This tax is based on the current price of the refrigerant, so when the price increases, so does the hefty tax (as high as 216% of the cost).

What Happens Next?

While nobody can predict the future, we believe that the R410a price increase will continue throughout the summer since refrigerant will remain in demand. However, as the weather starts to cool (usually around the end of August or early September), and demand decreases, we anticipate the R410a shortage will be less prevalent. However, this may not necessarily result in a significant price decrease due to other factors affecting pricing. http://news.carrierenterprise.com

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