Nov 2018

Duct cleaning

Think they need duct cleaning or duct replacement . What would you do

  • scottaj70

    13 03 2020

    replace the damn things. in 20 plus yrs doing ac one thing I know about rotating brushes to clean ducts is….if its rotating one way it pulls to one side and when reversed now it pulls to the other side, most of the time the middle isn’t cleaned nor the corners. unless you cut the ducts every 6 ft. or so and vacuum everything out, sanitize and use some kind of sealer and microban, your not gonna get those ducts clean. then if you did cut them every 6 ft. or so, now you have to repair all the connections you cut open, can end up costing more than just doing a heat load calculation, and/or air flow test on the house and designing a new flex duct system to get it done. I would recommend the latter. (but that’s just me), ( I would probably do it myself in winter when its not blazing hot in the attic)