Seeking Victims in the Matter of Super-Freeze 22a and Other Flammable Refrigerants

The FBI, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Criminal Investigation Division, and the U.S. Department of Transportation – Office of Inspector General are conducting an investigation into a flammable “refrigerant” sold as Super-Freeze 22a, Super-Freeze12a, Super-Freeze 134a, Enviro-Safe 22a, and R134a. These products have not been submitted to the EPA for review as alternative and accepted refrigerants.

If you have purchased any of the above refrigerants and/or received a letter notification from the FBI, you have been identified as a possible victim who may have unknowingly purchased flammable refrigerant.

This refrigerant product had been marketed as a drop-in replacement, second generation, non-ozone depleting hydrocarbon refrigerant. The target consumers were home owners and do-it yourselfers. The product could be purchased online and over the telephone by anyone; a refrigeration license was not required to make the purchase.

If a flammable refrigerant has been installed into your air conditioning system, call a licensed heating and air conditioning professional, and do not attempt to service the system yourself. If you suspect a leak, call your local fire department immediately. The flammable refrigerants are not believed to contain the “rotten eggs” smell typically associated with liquefied petroleum gas or propane.

Seal of the Office for Victim Assistance Program with motto Fairness, Respect, Privacy.

The EPA has issued a national press release that warns against the use of refrigerant substitutes that pose a fire and explosion risk.

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