It would appear that my trusted HVAC contractor failed to run a Heat Load Calc when replacing my old unit about a year ago. I have replaced my windows with low e – double pane impact glass – dramatically reducing loss and air intrusion. The system may run once every couple of hours – and the indoor humidity is continually around 60% or higher… The home is approximately 2000 sq.ft. a mix of Frame and Block/Stucco Construction… I used a free heat load calc and came up with a 2 ton… now I’m sure I’m missing some factors on it… and I have a 4 ton 16 SEER. Are they obligated to fix this?? Might this be covered under the completed operations portion of his insurance policy if he refuses? As I see it – there are 2 possible solutions… 1) resize 2) install a whole house dehumidifier to remove the extra moisture… Thoughts, feedback??? Submitted by: Chris Marriner