Burner Stock – HVAC&R Parts

BurnerStock.com offers customers the HOTTEST prices on overstock HVAC&R parts while offering contractors and suppliers an easy and affordable way to sell their excess inventory.



BurnerStock.com offers contractors a way to reduce unwanted stock and find the stock they need at half off or even more!

The concept behind the site is easy… It’s like eBay, but contractors only and without the bidding! You list your overstock parts (ideally for 1/2 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price), other contractors buy the part when they need it, you get paid through us, and you ship the part to the customer. We keep 3.5% of the selling price and you get 96.5% of the price AND free up warehouse space!

We will handle the advertising and promotion of the website.  You just list your overstock parts and clear out your warehouse!

We invite you to visit BurnerStock.com and look around at some of the parts already listed for sale.  Make a purchase if there is something you need.  If not, clear out some of your old inventory!   Set up an account and we will help you burn off your old stock!