Condensate Float Switch

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The Model AA3 fits on secondary and auxiliary drain pans and is extremely easy to use and very reliable. Simply lock it on, push it down and wire it up.

The new AA3 is designed to fit onto the side wall of drain pans and has a thumb screw that allows you to easily lock it in place. This feature allows you to be confident that the switch will not come loose or pop off the pan for any reason.

Once the AA3 is locked in place the switch bracket can be easily pushed down so that the float switch rests at the bottom of the pan making it able to detect a small amount of water.

Next is to wire the switch so it will shut the unit down when it senses an overflow condition and that’s it. FAST, EASY AND EFFECTIVE. New Model Design Allows For More Reliability, Easy Installation / Service and Less Expensive Than My Old Models.