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NU-22B (R-422B)

“Since 2001 NU-22B has been the most trusted direct replacement for R-22 and R-407C systems in the U.S.

NU-22B closely mimics the performance and characteristics of R-22, does not require a compressor oil change, EPA approved, non-flammable, non-toxic, non-ozone depleting, and used by the best HVACR companies and techs. NU-22B’s field performance has been tested, verified, and trusted by thousands of techs, who’ve retrofitted over a million systems.

NU-22B retrofit guidelines, third-party test results, field studies, service bulletins, training videos can be found here: https://www.icorinternational.com/nub.html

With over 100 wholesale distributors, find yours here: https://www.icorinternational.com/distsearch.php

ICOR International has produced NU-22B, Hot Shot, Hot Shot 2, One Shot, Clean Shot and Hydrocarbon refrigerants from their Indianapolis facility for over 20 years.

For more info please call ICOR at 317-826-3200 or E-mail to icorinfo@icorinternational.com”


Replaces R-22, R-407C, R-422D and R-417A.
NU-22B is the only R-22 replacement you need. Here’s why.
The operating characteristics you know and trust. NU-22B closely mimics the operating characteristics of R-22, making it the high-performance choice for both OEM and service replacement uses.

No complications, no expensive retrofits. You won’t need any product-specific tools or supplies to use NU-22B. It’s compatible with all standard oils and all standard equipment components and materials used in R-22 systems.

Proven quality and performance. NU-22B is in use in thousands of installations throughout the world. You can use it with complete confidence. Safe and responsible. NU-22B is nonflammable, nontoxic and is classified A1 by ASHRAE. It is also a zero ODP refrigerant.





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