Sagging flex duct is bad for air flow. We all know it. We all talk about it. It turns out there’s research data to prove it, too. Texas A&M did a study a few years ago to look at the pressure drop that occurs for different levels of compression. If you’re not familiar with this study, the results may astound you.

Papers about scientific research aren’t always the easiest reading, but stick with me and I’ll see if I can make this one as painless as an Irish Car Bomb. (I’m talking about the drink, not an actual bomb, silly!) The paper I’m writing about here is titled, Static Pressure Losses in 6, 8, and 10-inch Non-Metallic Flexible Ducts, (pdf) by Kevin Weaver and Dr. Charles Culp. If you’d like to read it, click that link in the last sentence and dive in. If not, let me give you what I see as the big takeaways in their work.



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