(Stanton) — Stanton school officials are looking at a major overhaul of the K-12 building’s heating and air conditioning system.

Superintendent David Gute outlined the problems the district is facing in a report to the Stanton School Board earlier this week. Gute tells KMA News some of the HVAC problems on the high school end of the building have been addressed.

“I told the board that there are six different systems within our building–depending on where you’re at, or which wing,” said Gute. “Immediately, as you come into the building on the high school side of things, there’s a boiler system that runs about eight classrooms there. We’ve had some work done to that since the last board meeting–about $3,800. Putting some new thermostats on, and having to flush some air out of the system–just some continuos maintenance work we’re going to have to do to keep our systems operating.”

Gute says the biggest problems are on the elementary end of the building.

“We had a control box go out that kind of talks to all the individuals thermostats in the rooms,” he said. “That’s not working. Best case for us right now, we’re lucky that it’s been warm, because we’re manually having to turn on a boiler, then warm up the building and rooms a little bit, then shut it off, because it will get too warm real quick. Obviously, the rooms that are first on that system are a little bit warmer than the rooms at the end of the boiler system. So, it’s been a deal so far.”

“There is a significant amount of work,” said Gute. “According to one company, we need to get another bid. That needs to be done. I think the quote we had was around $40,000. It’s more of a summer project, though. It’s going to take a couple of weeks. So, we’re trying to get through this school year.”

Gute expects the repairs to take place during the summer months. In addition, the superintendent says concrete work on the K-12 complex’s north side approved in October has been delayed because of recent snowstorms. That work is now expected to take place in the spring.